Power on Podcast: The Paths We Trek

Sushi and Taylor are joined by an old friend of Taylor’s, Arbel, to talk about their day’s adventures to TGS, Akihabara, Luida’s, as well as some suggestions for places to go in Tokyo and living abroad.



Power on Podcast Portable: Episode 8 (Phantasy Star IV)

Sushi and Taylor tackle the closure of the Phantasy Star ‘Quadrilogy’ and what makes Phantasy Star IV so awesome.



Power on Podcast: Some Series Seriously Should Cease (Ep. 14)

Sushi_b and Taylor are joined by Darro of the United Gamedom Podcast to talk about the many game series we think should wrap it up.

United Gamedom Podcast:http://www.youtube.com/user/UnitedGamedomPodcast

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